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DJ: bubbasnopes
Location: Alameda, CA

YAHOO: bubba_snopes
Bubba Snopes, man on the lam, programs KBUB from his various hideouts in the foothills of the Chilean Andes where he buys his continued freedom with bootlegged Peach Schnapps, which locals use both to clean drapes and incapacitate the medically indigent. Mr. Snopes was formerly known as stage director of numerous off-Broadway productions such as, "Get Your Freaking Hand Off My Leg", and " Basketful Of Pus." After fleeing the U.S on charges of illegal conduct outside a laundromat, he settled for a time in Winnipeg, which he left abruptly after tasting the food. He now lives the life of a placid country squire, programming his radio station, and writing travel articles for his downstairs landlady. He yearns to return home to his beloved U.S.A. so he can spend time with loved ones and ask them to give back his moustache comb. In the meantime, enjoy Dr. Bub's musical stylings, and please continue sending him the loose change from your boyfriend's pants. He has finally saved up enough to buy an ant farm for his manservant, Bruno.
Favorite Artists

The Doors
Monsieur Snopes was the guy who sold Jim his last bag of smack; in Morrison's honour, Mr. Bub leaves an empty 40 oz. bottle of Mickey's malt liquor by Jimmy's graveside each full moon.

Muddy Waters
If he's got his mojo workin', how come he's dead?

Hank Williams Jr.
Bubba Snopes illegitimate half-brother. Hank still owes Bub a turn on Muffin, their prize 4-H heifer.

Aretha Franklin
Former dietitian and masseuse to Mr.Snopes. The song,"Dr. Feelgood" was inspired by Mr. Bub's abilities with Cool Whip and a rubber spatula in a darkened boudoir.

The Rolling Stones
They were kind enough to let Bub jump on Maggie Trudeau first...Snopes is still trying to pry the lice out of his short hairs...

Favorite Albums

Dwight Yoakam - Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room
Depressingly lovelorn music that encourages the slaying of ex-girlfriends.

The Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads
The album cover alone cements their reputation as the homeliest Brits in rock and roll. ( Prince Charles doesn't count, he's more a polka fancier, like his mom.)

Johnny Winter - Still Alive and Well
Johnny and Edgar are the only albinos lighter than our Mr. Snopes.

Elvis Presley - The Sun Sessions
It was during these sessions that B. Snopes turned Elvis on to the wonders of deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches with bacon slices inside. A few 'Ludes as a chaser, and the rest is history.

Chuck Berry - Fresh Berries
Chuck played the guitar riffs that would change the world. It certainly had an impact on Bubba Snopes, inspiring him to leave his job as a dumbwaiter repairman, and to pick up a guitar, which he immediately put back down when its owner threw a carpet remnant at him.

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