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DJ: Joe Escobar
Location: Freer,SouthTexas, TX

"Que pasa mi Raza".I was born and raised in what is called "El Valle",McAllen,Texas in 1956.stayed there till I was 5 yrs old and moved to a small town name Freer,Texas.Was here till 1977 and left to go in search of myself and hopefully not get lost.I have always loved all kinds of music since childhood.I remember my mother would have her radio on and I would hear her whistling to the beat of the song.I myself would feel it in my soul!!make me wanna get up and dance.been loving music since.I love all kinds of music,Rock,Country,Reggae,Hip Hop,Tejano even some blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.If it sounded good I was hearing it. Grew up with Tejano music in the South, where it all started. Overall it's about the music and the way it touches your soul.I have always believed that music is like laughter it is good for the soul! So mi querido Tejanos where ever you might be in this world of the internet, kick back fire up the grill,pop a top and enjoy my personal collection of good music to keep you company,to enjoy and bailar la cumbia con pura Onda Tejana!
Favorite Artists

"La Reina" the yellow rose of Texas. She was and always will be the best female Tejano artist ever!

Rolling Stones
They have been around for many years,and can still rock the world!!!

No one can play or make a guitar cry like Carlos!!

Joe Lopez y grupo Mazz
One of the grandfathers of Tejano musice, best Tejano band ever to play on the market!!!ever

Little Joe y La Familia
One of the originators of Tejano music in the Tejano music Industry