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indie rock music online from The Bumpskey Show on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Jerry Bumpskey
Location: Mahwah where it all started!, NJ

YAHOO: Bumpskey
I have loved music my whole life. When I was young I got a job just so I could buy the newest album's (yes I said album's). For the last 15 years I stopped buying CD's and wondered why. The corporate music world was the reason why I stopped buying music. Thanks to the internet I have found some great music again.
Favorite Artists

Dave Haywood
Dave is smooth, funky, and in your face rock-N-roll all wrapped up in one package!

Echo Janes
This all girl band rocks like none of heard before!

Ali Handal
Rock-N-roll goddess!

Gate 18
Rock-N-roll like I always remebered it was.

Favorite Albums

Ali Handal - Dirty Little Secret
This album has been a favorite since the first time I heard it.

Dave Haywood Band - Sauce
Haven't been able to stop listening to this CD for 3 years now.

Echo Janes - Out Of The Mouths Of
Echo Janes another CD that has not left my CD player since I got it.

Gate 18 - Smooth Six-Pack
This is a great mix of music by a great rock-n-roll band.

Collider - WCYF
Something about this CD makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

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