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r&b/urban music online from ~THE CHERRY LOVE ZONE~ on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: C Love
Location: L.A., CA

I am your host...Cherry Love (C~Love). I created this station for the lovers, the slow dancers, and the true romantics. So you won't find any hip-hop or fast tempo songs here...sorry. Now you may find some cha-cha songs here and there...only because it's my favorite dance in the world. But this is YOUR if your favorite love song is not here, let me know and I'll get it on here. I also take requests, shout outs, and dedications...and feel free to give your feedback. I look forward to satisfying you. And if you can't get in as a STANDARD LISTENER, that means the station is growing and it's time to upgrade to a V.I.P. LISTENER...which I recommend anyway because you never get locked out, and it's COMMERCIAL FREE...and that's the best way to listen to love songs. So if you're ready to listen to uninterrupted love songs, click on the banner below and start your FREE TRIAL of CONTINUOUS "LOVE ZONE" MUSIC...ALL NIGHT LONG...CAN YOU HANG???
Favorite Artists

2 Piece & A Biscuit
I am the artist and we are the originators of "Middle School"!!! Hope you enjoy!

I love his music and his versatility

The Temptations
For that Motown flavor

Teena Marie
Her vocals touch the soul with sweetness

The Isley Brothers
Lots and lots of love songs. Verrry smooth(Ron Isley)

Favorite Albums

2 Piece & A Biscuit - 2 Piece & A Biscuit
This is my CD and it has something different in every song. Something for everyone young and old!!! Let me know if you like it!

Prince - Purple Rain
Favorite movie, favorite album. I guess I just like Prince!!!