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80s music online from Sharky's Place on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Sharky
Location: Houston, TX

I'm a big music collector and fan of the synthesizer culture. I am currently a mobile jock foregoing creative music for what the guests want to hear, so I broadcast on Live365 for the chance that someone may actually be turned onto an artist that they haven't heard before or at least a song or two.
Favorite Artists
Favorite Albums

Wire - A Bell Is A Cup
I'm sure that I have listened to this album hundreds of times, yet I still can't make any sense of the meanings of the tracks.

The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix

Cabaret Voltaire - Code

Ministry - Twitch
The song "Angel" is phenomenal.

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
Cloudbusting is one of Kate's best ever.

Favorite Broadcasters