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blues music online from The Pilots Lounge on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: paul castellani
Location: Lakeville (Lake Wallenpaupack), PA

YAHOO: cal777driver
I am a Boeing 757 Captain for a major airline and an aspiring musician. I love good guitar and excellent music in General. In addition I collect both new and vintage guitars. The guitar I am holding in my hand is my Gibson "Johnny A" Custom. Serial No. 160. It is a beautifully crafted instrument. Unfortunetly I do not play (and probably never will) play as good as the designer. Also I am managing and promoting a good and talented friend of mine whose songs can be heard on my stream. His name is Glen Scandur. Drop me a like if you like (or dont like) what you hear! Finally, if you are a solo artist or a band with material you would like me to play, please dont hesitate to E-mail me. I will be glad to add your matrieal to my broadcast rotation especially if it is excellent blues based music! Material can be submitted to me both via MP3 (128K minimum please as I broadcast in MP3PRO and have to downconvert) or CD. Thanks to Brian Ashley Jones and Cedric Williams for their latest submissions! Updated November 11, 2008