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Cape Ann Radio - The Soul of Annisquam

About Capt. Scott

Back in the days of the Fillmore, Monterey Pop Festival and The Boston Tea Party venue, we in Boston had WBCN FM underground rock to keep us happy. Each day always started with the famous Charles Laquidara and his Big Mattress as we listened to Pearl, Jimmy Hendrix, Al Kooper and so many more. Well, these days Pearl has passed on, Charles hangs in Hawaii, and Al has settled in Boston. The day WBCN went silent a few years ago, the music just died. Satellite radio just didn't cut it, and I thought how great it would be if I could just mobilize my own extensive music collection, even if only for myself, so I could listen to it wherever I may be. If that could work, maybe you might even join me in bringing real music back to life. Well, now I've done it! Enter Cape Ann Radio. Named in honor of the most beautiful place in the world, Cape Ann Massachusetts, from where it originates. OK, so that's where the Perfect Storm happened and now it's now buried under 70" of snow, but there are no snakes, mudslides, forest fires or tsunamis and it's still beautiful MOST of the time. Every single song selected for our playlists are never anything but "oh wow!" selections. They are chosen only for their perfection with no conditions or rules. Then we throw in a few short chuckles from the likes of Firesign Theatre and Stan Freberg. If you don't remember them, perhaps you should check them out. Now, if that's not enough, there are even a handful of tunes that are not exactly classic rock, but are certain to bring back some memories of an even earlier childhood. Sort of like hearing Dean Martin singing "Volare", reminding you of sitting on the plastic-covered bench seat in the back of the station wagon. Just for fun. I have done just about as much as I can to bring classic rock back to life, now I need your help. Just listen, enjoy and tell a friend. If you are really excited about Cape Ann Radio, consider subscribing as a VIP on the station page. You will get some great benefits while you contribute to my costs in bringing the music to you. All of our small share of the VIP subscriptions will be proudly re-invested in the playlist. Thanks for stopping by. Please let us know what you think, and let us know what you want to hear. Happy listening! Capt. Scott