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classic rock music online from Rock Your Island Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Capt 420
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Rock Your Island

!!!Warning Some Songs May Contain Explicits Lyrics!!!

Playing Great Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Indie Pop & Rock!

We have been known to be the First Station to play some of them!

Rock Your Island Radio, hosted by Capt 420, Streams LIVE shows from "RYI_Radio's Studio 420" a traveling radio station. We stream from countries all around the world. You never know where Capt 420 and RYIR will be streaming live from? We have streamed our shows live in: Amsterdam - Holland, Saltzburg & Vienna - Austria, Paris - France, Athens & Mykonos - Greece, Brussels - Belgium, Munich , Koln / Cologne and other parts of Germany, Prague - Czech Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Half Moon Cay, Istanbul - Turkey, Crossing the Atlantic on the QM2, Paradise Island - Bahamas, The US in - NY, Cali, Mass, WV, GA, Tenn. and more.

People in over 60 countries have tuned into our Smokin' Hot Internet Radio Station. So come join us and catch the wave. Also make sure to LIKE us on Facebook to follow what is going on with Rock Your Island, as well as, King John & The Captain. Capt 420 That is.

Capt 420 is the main DJ for RYIR and part of the Music Team, "King John - John E Mendell & The Capt. Capt 420 that is". Capt 420 writes most for the Team! King John writes his own for his Solo Career which the Capt supports and encourages!!! So I handle the main writing for the Team and then King John adds his part. Need a song? Hit me up and tell me the subject. I'm basically a Lyricist for the team and spread the word about our music and play it on the station. We get great feedback from them! John also does solo work! Which Capt 420 supports and encourages. We are both registered writers for BMI (John E Mendell - David McBrayer - Capt 420). No Record Label yet, but you never know!!!

John E Mendell is a talented 18 year old musician, as off 2013 and hales out of South Jersey. He is a self taught musician and has been playing the guitar since he was 8 years old. John plays the bass, drums, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, sings, puts together the music for each instrument, writes lyrics and mixes the music. That is why I named him, "King John. John E Mendell." This is a talented young man waiting to be signed!!! Producers beware. You have been told. Will you let him slip through your hands? That could be a costly mistake. John E. Mendell is a Diamond in the Rough!!! Any polishers out there?

New bands please contact us & send us an mp3 file of any music you might like played. Please send us some info about the song as well permission to play it. Send the info to our station page here on LIVE365 or contact us on our web site Peace Love n Joy from Team RYI. 420 Supporters.

Thank you for your support,

Caot 420 & Rock Your Island Radio

Favorite Artists

John E Mendell
Great new Artist out of South Jersey. He is my music partner and why I rank him 1. He makes my lyrics into original songs. King John & The Captain. Capt 420 That is. Rock on John E Mendell.

Dean R. Ley
A local artist out of South Florida. They have new album out called "Justice For All". Check it out on CD Baby or here! Get all the info on Dean R. Ley on their site! Link down below!

Great Rock Band from New Zealand. A great sound and Charlie Philips has a great voice!!! I connect with this band and they are ready for the big time!!!

Rhett May
Rhett May has a Hot new song called Cocktails & Cannabis. I just think it is awesome. He sings about life and has a nice sound.

Favorite Albums

Dean R. Ley - Justice For All
Some great songs on this new album by Dean R. Ley. Well worth purchasing. A great tribue song for the 911 victims!!!

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