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Pirates, an’ nothin’ but pirates! Music by pirates, about pirates, an’ for pirates!

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Where's me rum, damn it?

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Arrgh, maties! This here be true pirate radio. No belly-slitherin' landcrab music here, says I. Just 100 songs by pirates, songs about pirates or songs about the things pirates love (which of course be rum, wenches, an' treasure . . . in that order).

Ye can support this here station if ye wish, I don't give a damn. Ye may send me missives as well, an' I'll answer 'em when I've a mind to . . . if ever. So don't hold yer bleedin' breath. But do feel free to put this here station in yer presets. An' we also won't mind if ye tell yer mates about us. An' of course we don't mind a bit if ye gives us a five star rating. Har harrr . . .

If'n ye have any music requests or know of any pirate songs or sound files that I might not be familiar with, please send me an email by clickin' on me name above. I'm always on lookout fer new pirate treasures.

Ever since I was a wee powder monkey, I've had a mind to hijack a blasted radio station. Now I has, an' I'm so thrilled I could kiss a squid. An to any festerin' bilge rat that don't like it, I'll gladly run them through with me cutlass an' send 'em down to me good friend, Davy Jones. So grab yerself a bumper of grog, an' make yerself comfortable on one of the cannons, scallywaggs. This here be real pirate radio, or my name ain't Captain Billy Bones.

Be sure'n take a gander at me website:  www.APiratesLifeForMe.com.