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DJ: dj saoco
Location: Miami, FL

Originally from The Big Apple, now in South Florida and pleased to find so many hardcore salseros in these parts! Spinning Salsa is a passion stemming from my love for dancing! So when I look for music to play, I always have the dancer in mind...

Anyone can play what's already out there on the radio but a good DJ finds pleasure in discovering the HOT new songs few have ever heard! Even more fun is to play something that people never heard before and it was in his/her own home collection all along!

At CARAMBA SALSA RADIO our aim is to feature a combination of ol'school Salsa with popular artists and HOT new groups! Only the best dancing Salsa will be heard... No exceptions! We luv to feature new artists and their promos as long as it's HOT!!
Favorite Artists

Raulin Rosendo
NY salseros recognize his many hits and hard Salsa New York Style!

Puertorican Power
Lots of swing the way Salsa should be played!

Hector Lavoe
Need I explain myself?

FIESTA Orchestra
Great NY Style Salsa with Bi-lingual tracks that sound awesome!

Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo, Louie Ramirez...
So many more I can mention! The list goes on and on...

Favorite Albums

Junior Gonzalez & Ismael Miranda - Cantar o No Cantar
One of the best albums ever produced containing many hits!

FIESTA Orchestra - Me Esta Gustando / I'm Liking It
Never heard of them? This is one of the most dynamic musical groups out of Miami, FL. Their album contains several songs that will soon hit the top of the Salsa charts! Highly recommended!

Hector Lavoe - Comedia
Besides so many of his other hits, this album perhaps contains his "signature" song..."El Cantante!"

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