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celtic music online from Celticmelt on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: celticmelt1
Location: Foster City, CA

AIM: Nanodude
My Name is Mike, (and I wrote this broadcast profile code for Live365). Being almost pure Irish, there is something about the lilting melancholy sound of an Irish love song, or the vibrant rhythm of a jig. Since Celticmelt is constantly one of the highest rated streams on the site, apparently you do to. Special note to my listeners : Check out astronomy software are If you are interested and email me direct, I'll give you a special discount on the CD. Stars go well with Celtic music! Celticmelt T-Shirts now available: www.cafepress/distantsuns

Favorite Artists

Loreena McKennit
One of the loveliest voices on the planet. She's a master of blending both Celtic and Middle-eastern melodies into a wonderful uniform whole.

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