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oldies music online from Oldies and Blues on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: cglasow
Location: Phoenix, AZ

I grew up listening to 50's rock and roll. I've always loved any music with a roots feel to it, and discovering forgotten RnB, doo wop and rockabilly music played during the 50's is a favorite pasttime. The combination of well known and lesser known doo wop, blues, 50s RnB and rockabilly is somewhat unique and probably not to everyone's taste. People tend to like well-known oldies, or doo wop, or blues, or rockabilly, and live365 features great stations for all these tastes. But for those who like a little more variety I hope you like what you hear on Oldies and Blues. What's great about internet radio and live365 is that you don't need a lot of listeners and for a few dollars a month you can experiment with a format that only a few people might like. Well it turned out that more than just a few people have liked the music selection. The listener response for the four years Oldies and Blues has been on the air has far exceeded even my most optimistic hopes. If you're new to the station I invite you to listen for a few hours. This is the music I enjoy and it just may grow on you.
Favorite Albums

Ace Records - Golden Age of American Rock and Roll
Great series of about 12 CD's of 50's oldies.

Itzy Records - Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies Series
Over 30 CD's of Great Rare Oldies

Mr Maestro - 30 Original Oldies Series
Another great series of seldom heard oldies

Collectables - Various 50's Groups
Available from Nina's Discount Oldies, reasonably priced doo wop collections

Time-Life - Rock and Roll Era Series
About 10 CD's including some great doo wop, RnB, Rockabilly collections

Favorite Broadcasters

Great variety of 50's stuff

Caroline beach and shag mixed in with a great selection of top oldies

Lots of great and different 60's and 70's r& tunes

Lots of seldom heard Brit hits along with the well known tunes

Lot of variety, blues, country, album cuts, extra large playlist

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