DJ Profile
classic rock music online from Progressive Adventures on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: chaz mixon
Location: Addison, TX

Now you can get this station on ROKU if you have one of those boxes and you don't have to be a VIP!! Just checking to thank those who still turn this station on every once and a while. I do shuffle the playlist and change them up too from regular to twofer and triple shots. I may get back into full time programming it again but with my own google play account, I just turn that on with 17,000+ songs....I'll keep in touch!! Chaz Mixon
Favorite Artists

Never a bad tune especially in their early days!

The godfathers of progression and power and they're still at it today!

King's X
strong riffs great harmonies and melodies.

The Wilson sisters simply kick ass!

One of the early creators of "prog rock". Stellar talent!

Favorite Albums

Rush - Grace Under Pressure
Not a bad cut. Alex's leads are steller, Neil's lyrics and drums as always are awesome and those Geddy vocals!!!

Kansas - Leftoverture
THE signature Kansas album. From Cheyenne Anthem to the thrashing of Magnun Opus, a complete album in its entirety.

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold
An album with only 6 cuts??? It's gotta be good and it is.

Gamma - 3
Ronnie Montrose at his best. Great guitar and keyboard work. This album screams "80's!" Very Tasty!

Aerosmith - Rocks
An album that lives up to its name!

Favorite Broadcasters

St Louis Classic rock at it finest!

Metal dude! Need I say more!

80's tunes for your pleasure