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Ration your gasoline and hang the mirrored disco ball because CWNRadio is alittle chill, alittle wack, and all '70s groovy! We're spinnin' great "Me Decade" tunage w/ some nostalgia thrown in for fun! Can ya dig it!!?

About djPerFUNKtory

Three-pronged madness... (hmm... that'd be a kewl name for a death metal band, but i digress...)

In the span of the last 20+ years I've accrued a fairly massive amount of music (mostly of the rock genre).  Out of all that music I discovered many of the albums contained at least one instrumental track, ranging anywhere from :30 to 30:00 minutes long, and were very creatively arranged.  These actually began to interest me more than the vocal tracks I bought them for.  Since then, my iTunes library has expanded out of the rock genre to include primarily electronic/trance/ambient and jazz fusion, and just about any instrumental tracks done well regardless of genre...

Secondly, since working in the IT industry affords me the opportunity to listen to music while I work, I learned early on that, for me, hearing vocals tended to be distracting and disturbs the concentration I need to do my job.  I want to bring that same type of relief to others who spend their time soaking up the cathode rays like I do...

Thirdly, as music in general has always been a big part of my life since I bought my 1st 45rpm record (Queen, "Another One Bites the Dust") at 8 years old, naturally, I was always fascinated by the DJ's I grew up listening to and wondered what it'd be like to be behind a mic, spinning kewl vinyl tunage, and be a music industry fringe-insider...

goin' thru da motions...

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