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DJ: rob
Location: Alexandria, VA

YAHOO: Choirbehr

GREETINGS from Generally Gentle Radio!

I have been considering taking GGR off the air for a bit. We've been going almost 9 years! There's a lot of other music to listen to on the Web. But if you really enjoy our programming and would like to continue listening, please drop me a note, and/or make a small donation to support the unique programming of GGR.

I am a composer and church musician who does government contract drone work to pay the rent, and programs GGR as a hobby. I also play the organ and sing. My musical tastes run from Palestrina to the Pet Shop Boys. Some of my music will appear here too. My own compositions range in style from chant-like meditations to pop melodies.

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ROBERT COX PASSOW: Sun Through The Clouds

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