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industrial music online from Technical Difficulties on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: chr.
Location: Baltimore, MD

CHR. is obsessed with industrial music of all kinds, and wants to share it with the world. He also likes to play dark alternative rock, experimental, various of the less obnoxious forms of techno, and whatever else makes sense at the time.
Favorite Artists

Skinny Puppy
Deep down trauma sounds and guttural blurted verse. The chemistry of Ogre, Key, and Goettel creating an explosion of all-too-clear vision and creative destruction.

Killing Joke
A band who have been looking forward to the end of the world since 1978, with a sound to match.

The Cure
They're reknowned as masters of mopery, but folks often forget about the other songs... no matter what you're feeling right now, The Cure probably have a song about it.

The Legendary Pink Dots
Edward Ka-Spel's brilliant wordplay delivered in a charmingly expressive off-key warble. If "They" ever figure out how dangerous these songs really are, heads will roll.

They started out as slick synth slingers and evolved into maniacal metallists, but in between, they combined dense riffage with dancefloor-ready beats for unmatched intensity.

Favorite Albums

Coil - Love's Secret Domain
A journey down a shifting psychedelic river, with John Balance playing Charon.

Killing Joke - Pandemonium
A masssive onslaught of richly detailed sound, with Jaz Coleman's pronouncements of redemption through apocalypse reverberating throughout.

Foetus Inc. - Sink
Clint Ruin's trashcan bangin' scuzzrock epics share space with the instrumental soundtrack to your downfall.

Mono No Aware - Kitanai Yatsu
Pummeling beats, glitchy samples, and Sina H.'s agressive yet sensual vocals. It's an... experience.

Ministry - Psalm 69
My first taste of industrial music - by the time I had gathered up all the little bits of my head from the floor and walls, I was hooked.

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