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new wave music online from Eklektik Radio --- on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: chromatosis
Location: Niles, OH

Seriously-you didn't come here to learn about the broadcaster.You wanted to see if this station was worth listening to. Well Eklektik Radio is a mixed bag of new wave (some fairly well known and others that are extremely obscure), sometimes spacey sometimes exotic lounge music, twangy beat driven surf music, ska, spy music, and much much more. Is Eklektik Radio for you ? Only one way to find out. Like we already said you came hear to listen to music so come on in to Eklektik Radio - where you belong.
Favorite Artists

United Future Organization
Mixing 60's lounge with French pop and a touch of sountrack music makes one hell of a combustible combination. One of my latest finds and almost always in my cd player.

Talking Heads
How could you not like the Talking Heads? Are you deaf? One of the most influential groups to come out of the late 70's and early 80's. Will always be in my head.

Wall of Voodoo
Dark, spooky spaghetti western with a touch of Devo and a whole lotta gumph! Stan Ridgway rules!

The ultimate Ralph Records recording artist (with apologies to The Residents). The first 3 albums will either freak you out or turn you into a massive fan. The latter "Eurobeat " stuff is good don't get me wrong but I prefer the early stuff.

The The
Matt Johnson.....what can I say?

Favorite Albums

United Future Organization - 3rd Perspective
Every tune is a winner. Highly recommended from Chico and I.

Talking Heads - Remain in Light
Head phones and a comfy chair in a dark room and you will be transfered to another dimension.

Wall of Voodoo - Call of the West
The best driving Cd I got. Put it in and go!

John Ruth - I am a Model
I think I'm the only person on this planet who has the album. Heavily influenced by OMD and the expanded Talking Heads. If you ever find this album (1981) buy it.

Trees - Sleep Convention
A friend of mine. Released in 1981, this is the very best in American new wave music. MCA didn't know how to promote this gem and let it drop. What a shame.

Favorite Broadcasters

Boyd Radio
~Obscure 80s~ Totally Weird, Synthesizers, Odd Songs

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