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DJ: Chris (CJ) Mann
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom


I’m lucky. I heard jazz from a very early age. The broken rhythm of ‘Take Five’ was something I loved even though I couldn’t describe it. Organist Alan Haven's 'Haven for Sale' is a record that excited me at the age of 10 and still does

When I was an excitable 14-year old I heard ‘That Lady’ by the Isleys for the first time. It struck a chord with me, musically and lyrically

A couple of years later, I heard the intro to ‘P. Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)’ and there was no going back – I was a funkateer

Since then I’ve been drawn to the 70’s Blue Note vibe, to the best in ‘smooth jazz’, R&B, soul and jazz-rock. For me, the best hip-hop was made a long time ago but I’m always ready to be proved wrong. Some Latin music really does it for me too

It’s easy to get stuck in a time warp but I’m always looking for new music that has heart, soul and that indefinable GROOVE…

Favorite Artists

Marcus Miller
Keeping the Funk alive with that old Fender Jazz bass. The man!

Roy Ayers
Still the coolest of the cool...

George Duke
Puts the fun into Funk and gave the world 'Brazilian Love Affair'

Stanley Clarke
Bass maestro - took the bass places no-one else thought of

James Brown
Elvis changed popular music, so did JB. Seeing him live was one of my greatest thrills

Favorite Albums

Ronnie Laws - Flame
Uplifting, seductive and inspirational

Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
Timeless beauty and daring

The Isley Brothers - Go For Your Guns
Sensuous ballads and FIERCE funk. Ronnie sounds fabulous throughout

Parliament - Mothership Connection
How can you not love an album that starts with "Do not attempt to adjust your radio - we have taken control as to bring you this special show.."? Changed my life...

Incognito - Tribes, Vibes & Scribes
Music for dancing, laughing and playing the airbass. Bluey is a master

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