DJ Profile
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DJ: William Michael
Location: Monroe, NC

Founder and director of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy and the Beatitudes School.
Favorite Artists

King David
The holy psalmist of both the Old and New Covenants.

St. Ambrose
St. Augustine was brought to tears by the sweet Ambrosian hymns of the Church at Milan.

St. Gregory
The master of the Church's Latin chant.

William Byrd
The best of the polyphonic masters.

The master of sacred and secular classical music.

Favorite Albums

New College Choir - Sancte Deus
The most beautiful collection of sacred polyphony I know of.

St. Paul's Cathedral Choir - Psalms of St. Paul's
The only complete recording of the psalter I know of.

Thomas Tallis Scholars - Tallis Scholars Sing Thomas Tallis
Great 2-CD collection of Tallis' best works.

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