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DJ: clampypants
Location: Purevine, CA

Many years ago, Clampypants was hatched in the sub-basement of an Anarcho-Collective monastery deep in the hills of New Hamster. From an early age he developed a keen sense of sound and honed this skill with daily exercises in Modulation Gymnastics and the ancient Eastern art of Auralgami. In his early teens he was subjected to an onslaught of stylistically divergent music which led to shaping his slightly less than schizophrenic tastes and steered him along the fringe of popular music that he continues on to this very day. Which happens to be a Thursday. Not that it being Thursday is in any way relevant, just that it reminds me that I have to get milk. Anyway, I digress... Clampypants discovered the deliciousness of equal parts cacophony and harmony and has, since that day, continued to mix genres of music like they are fruit to a blender. Sure, not everyone likes to mix it up. In fact most people like to stick to a genre or two. Kind of like buying Shredded Wheat every week on the assumption that the Lucky Charms, what with their amalgam of marshmallows and grain cereal, will surely cause your digestive tract to implode from pure confusion. This station is aimed squarely at those folks who have no fear of the cereal aisle and look forward to finding a prize in the box.
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