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classic rock music online from Classic Rock Rocks! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: classicrockrocks
Location: CT

AIM: ClassicRocksDJ
Although I wasn't alive when Rock reached its potential in the '60s and early '70s, I have been exposed to Classic Rock all my life (and still believe it's the best music out there). I also threw in some late '70s and '80s Classic Rock for good measure, so if you love this style of music as much as I do, give a listen to my won't be disappointed. Please let me know what you think by going to the FEEDBACK page.
Favorite Broadcasters

RadioDetox: Rehab for shitty music. This station plays non-Classic Rock tracks (obviously).

Woods Tea Company is a great modern folk band that is keeping the traditional and comedic sound alive.

WXCI is the radio station of the school I attended, Western Connecticut State University. I love the variety in music that gets played.

A nice mix of all styles of rock, both old and new.

Bob definitely knows hard rock from the '70s and hair metal from the '80s. If you like music from the decade of decadence, you'll dig his station.