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News from the forefront of the extreme avant-garde, bringing you the very latest and greatest never-to-be hits of musical thoughts by America's leading aesthetic developers, showing you music you cannot possibly like yet, but you'd better learn to hear it if you're going to live in the future.

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"SONIC CIRCUITS" Electronic Music Festival Series HARRY PARTCH BOWED METAL MUSIC Samolis/Warren *** "HOUSE OF THE DEAFMAN" (innova 538) - Frank Garvey *** "The JANUS ReMixes" (innova 532) - Mark Applebaum *** "Robert Paredes: FORGETTING AND REMEMBERING"(innova 528) *** "BLODDER" (innova 527) - Ambient Fiction performed by Inertia Ensemble, works of Erik Belgum *** "PORTALS OF DISTORTION" (innova 526) - Music for Saxophones, Computers, and Stones*** "WINDED" (innova 524) - Works for Organ and Tape by, of and for Kenneth Gaburo *** "MOUSETRAP MUSIC" (innova 511) Music of Mark Applebaum*** "MUSIC, LANGUAGE, AND ENVIRONMENT" (innova 508) Music of David Dunn*** "SERENE TRAVELER" (innova 507) Music of Mike Croswell *** "SUSPENDED IN AMBER" (innova 506) Music of Sarah Peebles***"noTnoTesnoTrhyTms" (innova 505) Music of Henry Gwiazda *** "MUSIC OF THE NEXT MOMENT" (innova 502) Music of Craig Hultgren