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DJ: composersforum2
Location: St. Paul, MN

American Composers Forum Recording Assistance Program : -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Recording Assistance Program offers simplified access to the world of compact disc production and distribution. CDs have become the standard currency of new music and are the essential calling card for composers and performers. For those artists wishing to extend their reach and visibility beyond the one-off CD into the international commercial realm, there are many obstacles along the way. This program aims to keep costs low, turnaround quick, and exposure wide, while empowering artists to follow up with their own marketing efforts. Once accepted to the program, costs for 1000 discs run about $3,600-$4,500. For those without the cash, the Recording Loan Fund (at 6% interest rate) may be used to pay the manufacturing costs, with the loan paid back in quarterly installments over three years, and offset by sales income. Once the break-even point is reached, the artist receives 100% of sales income. Recordings released through the program have ranged from contemporary chamber music and art song to electronic, improvisatory, and experimental music and world/jazz. The program is especially hospitable to music that is innovative or relatively non-commercial in nature. Discs are released on the Forum¹s innova Recordings label which maintains an extensive database of radio stations and media critics to which promotional copies are sent. The application process is competitive: judgments are based on musical and audio quality, a marketing plan prepared by the applicant, a credit check, and the applicant¹s willingness to join actively with the Forum in promoting the recording. Applications may be initiated by submitting a draft recording at any time for committee approval. The program is supported by the McKnight Foundation.
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