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One of the most COMPLETE country Christmas stations you'll find on the internet! We play all your favorite holiday tunes from the best artists in country music. Playing now through December 30th. Come share the holidays with Corporate Cowboy Christmas!

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Corporate Cowboy DJ Service is a mobile music service based in Clinton, Iowa. My wife Claudia and I have been DJing local gigs since 1986. Our attention in recent years has turned to the promotion of country music in all its forms, with a heavy emphasis on traditional "classic" country, not an easy chore in the midwest these days. We have a passion for bringing the best in country music to our listeners. It was our desire to bring more of a 'live' kinda feel to our listeners, and as anyone can tell you, if you wish to hear good traditional country music these days, the best place to go is central or western Texas. Since that's not possible for most of us, we turn to places like RFD-TV or XM Satellite Radio for our fix of real country. Many people use their computers as their window to the music world. That's where this station (and, frankly, we) come in. If you wish to hear the best in new traditional country, I can't imagine a better place than what you've got right here. We draw from an archive of nearly 90 years in the genre! Whatever your country music passion is, you're sure to like what you hear. If we've done our job right, you'll hear the classics you love and remember. You'll also be exposed to new music you've perhaps never heard of in your neck of the woods. We are committed to promoting the artists who have weathered the rough times that traditional country music has seen in recent years. There are a growing number of people who have become disenchanted with the direction of country music, and our station, like the artists we feature, wants to focus on keeping the traditions alive. I hope you'll like what you hear, and if so, please support these artists by buying their music and visiting their websites. By doing so, you'll help ensure this music always has a place and a voice to be heard. With deepest appreciation....Cowboy Mike.

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Just North of Texas! will return to normal programming on December 30th, 2015. "Corporate Cowboy Christmas" plays country Christmas music in November and December. If you chose a more POP and CLASSIC Christmas station, try our other station, HEARTS ON FIRE CHRISTMAS! ... Just North of Texas! plays the best country music on the internet, with one of the widest selections you'll find anywhere. We play the best of traditional country music from the 1920s to today, an archive of more than 85 years. We hope you enjoy what you hear and you'll tell your friends to like us on Facebook. You get more country, right here on Just North Of Texas! -- Cowboy Mike