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classic country music online from country24 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Verne Horsley
Location: Lexington, OK

I have loved radio ever since I was old enough to try to get to the family radio on top of the refrigerator. Probably placed there to keep me from getting to it. I have always wanted to be involved in real professional radio, but opportunities eluded me until I stumbled across Live365 less than a year before being eligible for retirement.

I enjoy most kinds of music, but traditional country is my favorite, and the only kind I have enough CD's to program a radio station.

The opportunity to combine two of the things I love most by operating and managing my very own 24 hour country music radio station is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream.
Favorite Artists

Ginny Wright
"I Love You," "I'm In Heaven," "Are You Mine?" to name just a few. I have finally found and obtained an album of her's and you can hear tracks from it on country24.

Marty Robins
No matter what style of music was popular, Marty Robins was up to it. So many of the great country artists of the 50's and 60's dropped out of sight when their style of singing fell out of favor with the public. Not Marty Robins.

Jeanie Sealy
"Don't Touch Me" is one of the greatest records of all time, any genre. Her smooth, pleasant vocal style is always a pleasure to hear. Also a great performer and song writer.

Ray Price
His monster hit "Crazy Arms" came just when traditional country needed a boost. Then he followed it up with more of the same in "Ive Got a New Heartache," "My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You," "Invitation to the Blues," "City Lights," "Pride," etc.

Webb Pierce
One number one hit after another in the 50's. I'm sure noone has ever equeled his string of chart toppers and probably never will.

Favorite Albums

I Love You - Ginny Wright
A great selection of Ginny Wright's music from Fabor, Chart, Travel, Gallery and Cayce labels, including duets with Jim Reeves, Tom Bearden, Tom Tall and others.

Classic Country 1960-1964 - Various Artists
The whole series is great but this one seems to have more than its share of good cuts.

The Essential Ray Price - Ray Price
"Crazy Arms," " I've Got a New Heartache," "My Shes Keep Walking Back tTo You," "Pride" etc, etc, etc.

Webb Pierce 20th Century Master - Webb Pierce
Many of the songs from his unequaled string of number one hits are in this allbum.

I'm Little But I'm Loud - Little Jimmy Dickens
Jimmy Dickens' novelty songs are legendary. But he's also a great balladere. "Another Bridge to Burn" is my personal favorite.

Favorite Broadcasters

Sherlock Holems and Dr. Watson are my favorite fictional characters.

The Most Biblically Accurate Christian Talk Radio On The Net

Psalms, Hymns And Spiritual Songs.

Gospel Preaching

All the Old Time Radio (OTR) stations are great, but CRIMETIME OTR has the best variety and largest selection of action, adventure, police and detective shows I have found.

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