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DJ: dj linda k
Location: Sheringham, United Kingdom

KHBW Country Radio is one radio station that will play what you want to hear. We have the great classics of yesteryear, and all your favorties of today. Plus we also introduce you to some great new artists in the USA and across the world.If you are an artist wishing to have your songs heard please email us or if you would like to hear some of your favorite artists email.-------- ------------- You can now go to our Myspace site and check out all the artists we play on KHBW Country Radio ----------- Hope to see you all there DJ LindaK --------
Favorite Artists

lacy j. dalton
great voice

willie nelson
down to earth artist

george jones
he was the greatest country singer

elvis presley
hey what can i say

tammy wynette
to me the queen of country music

Favorite Broadcasters

variety of music!!

Big T

variety of music

naiad moon
folk music

simply show tunes
love anything to do with musicals

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