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Welcome to NHCH (Nate's Hot Country Hits) "The Flame".

You will hear all of todays mainstream FM radios greatest country artists with their biggest hits, but you will also hear so much more than that. I guarantee that you will hear more Artists and better music than any station in the world.

I created this station because I have always loved Country music. I want other artists who I have come to love and be inspired by to be heard on the radio as well. You will hear great country music from a huge assortment of Country artists right here. I play the best Country hits from the 80s, 90s and Today.

Country music has helped me so much in life and this is my way of giving back to the artists and writers and to hopefully further inspire your lives as you listen to these great songs. For the last 10 years years I have studied very thoroughly Country music hit singles charts of the past 30 years and compiled them all into my own personal collection and now I can share them with you. I stay very current on all new country music songs and CDs from a variety of sources like Country Weekly Magazine, CMT, GAC and various websites.

Check out our website and request page. We know you will really enjoy this new feature and will help you hear what you want to hear all day long. You can also check out our entire library of songs that we play on "The Flame".

We are going be a giving a new prize every Saturday just visit our website to see what we are giving away and how you can win. To know more about the personla life of DJ "Cowboy Nate" please visit the official website www.nhchtheflamecom.

I am 100% dedicated to making this the best radio station out there today. Please feel free to contact me with requests, feedback and/or suggestions to help make this station the best country station anywhere.

Now sit back, relax or work the day away and let the best Country songs from the 80s, 90s and Today help make the time fly.

Thanks so much for listening and to help ensure this station keeps going and you continue to hear your fav hits please sign up for a VIP package today to listen commercial free. This station doesn't run without your love and support of Country music. Click on any of the VIP ads at the bottom of the station page to help this station directly.

Cowboy Nate
Owner and Operator
NHCH "The Flame"

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Thanks so much for listening to "The Flame" If you would like to support us you can sign up for a VIP package with a part of those funds directly helping us cover our broadcasting costs. Thank You very much for your support.