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children's/family music online from D-Magic Radio (WDW) on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dmagicman
Location: East Hampton, CT


D-Magic Radio is BACK !!!!!!

Take a ride on Monorail Red, then stroll through the WDW Theme Parks and enjoy the music, shows, and attractions, then at night enjoy all the Night-Time Spectaculars from the parks and the Electrical Water Pageant on the Seven Seas Lagoon, D-Magic Radio is set up so you can stroll through the parks without leaving home, so if you can't get to WDW any time soon, then sit back, close your eyes and "Dream" of being there, ENJOY THE MAGIC !!!!

HELP US TO KEEP BROADCASTING !!! Don't let us go off the air again every penny helps !!

As always THANKS FOR LISTENING.-------Marc J :...
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