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new age music online from Global Grooves on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Lady Abigail
Location: Amish Country, OH

Hello world! This is Lady Abigail and I am pleased to be in your company. My first stint into the world of radio was in college when I hosted the Friday Night after hours show at a local station. It was fun! Now I am a free lance writer living in a small community in the middle of Amish country in Ohio. Horses and buggies go down the road by my house. I love the peacefulness of the community. I have always had a global consciousness and was aware of the need to bring people together for the common good. I began this station in the hopes of bringing people together through music. The music that I play is a mixure of cultures and styles, all blended together into a beautiful sculpture that is humanity. When I am not writing or being a DJ, I spend time on my organic farm. We are currently trying a few alternative energy experiments and just having fun living life. I like to cross country ski, hike, fish, and do just about anything outdoors. So grab those hiking boots, take the laptop under the nearest tree, sit back and enjoy the tunes! Peace.