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smooth jazz music online from Cruisenjazz/WPMJ on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: theejazzmaster aka skippy
Location: mechanicsburg, PA

I was raised in a musical household, My mother song, played several instruments and was a music teacher. I have family members that are professional singers, musicians,composers and conductors. Playing,listening and being involved with live and recorded music has been apart of my life as far back as i could remember. I attended the new york school of music and studied theory and played keyboards in some local groups, but always had the desire to work on the recording side of music. Several friends and myself started utopia sound studios on long island and worked with many known and and unknown groups of the sixties and seventies,which i have collected a long library of masters and studio demos. i have done sound work at indoor and outdoor shows and concerts. My greatest experience will be working the essence awards at madison square garden for two years. I have an extensive music library that was started by being handed down through the family, and then recieving albums, 45rpm's and 12' tracks from friends in the recording industry before distribution. Being a broadcaster allows me another way to share some of my family's musical history. I'm in the process of forming a label to record oldies, the music that never gets airtime. I think that our stations format is unique from any others mainly because of our selection of oldies, gospel and jazz tracks, if you are unable to find music played on this station please go to our website. I was told once that it's not how loud you play your music, but the quality of the music that you play. Enough about me it's time to let the music speak for itself. To our faithful listeners thank you and if you want a voice in what tracks you want to continue to hear and those you don't, the only way is to vote, and if you love the music you hear and would love to hear more commerical free and uninterrupted please become a VIP listener. to all our listeners you listen to this station becuase you're tired of that top forty chart. we help put most of the top forty tracks on the list, only becuase we work closely with new artist that's on the way to the list. a lot of the great music don,t make to that list that's where Cruisenjazz/WPMJ comes in. we know you are looking for a new adventure in music we know your taste in music. welcome to the family and enjoy the ride. You are now Cruise 'n'. " If music be the food of love, play on." I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." i can safely say that we are "Bess in the Biss" NEW AND USED MUSIC CD’S SMOOTH JAZZ - R&B – INSPIRATIONAL NOW ON EBAY: DUE TO AN INCREASED DEMAND FOR MUSIC THAT’S BEING PLAYED EXCLUSIVELY ON OUR STATION AND A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT IS NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON OR OTHER MUSIC OUTLETS. WE AT CRUISENJAZZ/WPMJ ARE PROUD TO ANNOUCE THAT WE ARE NOW SELLING SMOOTH JAZZ, R&B AND INSPIRATIONAL (GOSPEL) ARTIST NEW AND USED CD’S ON EBAY. JUST GO TO THE EBAY WEBSITE AND CLICK MUSIC CD’S, THEN CLICK R&B, GOSPEL OR JAZZ THEN SMOOTH JAZZ AND LOOK FOR THE ARTIST NAME AND CD TITLE. ALL USED CD’S HAVE ONLY BEEN PLAYED ONCE BY THE STATION AND IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. AVAILBILITY IS LIMITED SO FIND YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST TODAY. AND THINK YOU FOR BEING A CRUISENJAZZ LISTENER.
Favorite Artists

norman brown
unique style like some of the greats

jonthan butler
soulful,exotic music in the blood.

brian culbertson
young keyboard master.listen for the name.

tom grant
the man plays in his sleep

kevin toney
have been a hugh fan since his days with the blackbyrds.

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