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The Number 1 Station For Today's Best Country! ! Have you heard the buzz? Find out for yourself why B98 has been Number 1 in Country on live365 since 2010!

About Joe Hafley

I'm a person who loves music. I figured you can't express how much you love music more than creating your own online radio station.

I'm honored to have one of the top country stations on live365. You make it possible. I thank you. Without you this station wouldn't be noticed. B98 is now the #1 country station on live365. This is because of YOU! The loyal listener!

I do my best in operating B98 that I can. I constantly check the current charts to see if there's anything new that needs to be added into rotation or if something needs to be taken out. I only do that for the current songs. I pick some of my favorite songs and put them in rotation as well so the station has more of my taste in it. B98 always tries to play the new hits first.

If you're wondering if you can suggest songs for B98, you can. I'm always open to songs that have been hits from 2002 through the present day. If I like it I'll add it into rotation. To send your feedback just email b98country at gmail dot com

What makes B98 different from FM stations?
Well, B98 goes deeper into the current chart hits than most fm stations do so you wont hear the same few songs all the time on B98.

What do I get out of running B98?
Nothing in terms of money. Whatever amount I get from vip rewards or bounties helps lower my bill to run B98. If you enjoy B98 please sign up to be a vip and listen as one. That is the best thing to do if you love B98 and don't want this station to go away. To sign up for vip, go to B98's station page and click on make your ears happy banner. As far as thrills, it's knowing that I have fans of the station that tune in world wide for today's hit country music.

I run this station as a hobby by myself. This station is not corporate owned. I do everything from getting the songs, paying the bills, figuring out what songs need to stay and what songs need to be added and taken out, creating playlists, paying for station identifications. That is why you hear more variety on B98 than any fm country station.

What format and what time period does B98 cover?
B98 focuses on mainstream country music. B98's rotation is music from 2002-now. B98 is always accepting songs for rotation. Just because the song is sent doesn't mean that it will be added into rotation. That decision is up to me and how I think my listeners will like the song.

I hope you enjoy B98 as much as my loyal listeners and I do.

Thanks for viewing.
Joe Hafley
Owner/Music Director of B98 Country

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If you want to help support B98, please become a vip. If you sign up thru this page I get a portion of your subscription which helps cover the cost to keep B98 on air.

Look for yourself why B98 is #1 in country on live365. Check the visitor map below!