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goth music online from Art of Darkness darkdoors on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Cyn Surreal
Location: Miami, FL

YAHOO: cyn_surreal

Because I love music and it's eloquent effect on us all.. I created this broadcast back in 2000 as a reflection the quiet side in me and those like minded. The songs on this broadcast are the music that inspire to create. Some songs are very emotional, others thought provoking while some may even be sensuous. Almost each song has a deep meaning to me. Now, I share this inspiration with you. All these sounds heard here are the forms, melodies and shapes of the "Art of Darkness". I used to DJ nightclubs and if you went out to Goth Clubs from 2000-2006 in South Florida USA, you might of heard me spin. Now, a hermit.. I rest behind the notes you hear me set forth here only. Click to like us on on our fan page

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