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Nov. 15th - 30th, 2014: NEW KMFDM, Noir, Keef Baker, Diverje, The Dreaming, Bella Morte, Cocksure, Prude, Headdreamer, Velvet Acid Christ, Mr Kitty, and much more!!!

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Cypher got his start as a club DJ in Washington, DC in 1995 where he was resident DJ for BOUND DC, as well as for The Dark Wave Lounge. In 1999, he moved to Hartford and, together with Damzelfly, hosted and spun at BOUND Hartford. At this time, he also began as resident DJ for Contempt NYC, which has grown into New York's largest monthly gothic/industrial dance party, and launched his radio program Dark Nation Radio, which now airs on 91.5 WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI. Cypher's guest spots include four appearances at Philadelphia's famous Dracula's Ball, Ghoulschool in Hollywood, Zenwarp in NYC, The Venus Room in Ft. Lauderdale, The Dawning in Charlottesville, VA, and Machine in Boston. Concert tours he has booked include Front Line Assembly,Haujobb, Velvet Acid Christ, Seraphim Shock, Judith, Gitane Demone, Bella Morte, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and the Blackout A.D. tour featuring Faith & the Muse. E-mail cypher at

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DJ cypher's Dark Nation Radio Online Nov. 15th - 30th, 2014 3Teeth, “Master of Decay” (Aesthetic Perfection remix) Absurd Minds, “A Stride Through Time” Angels on Acid, “I Am the Future” Apoptygma Bezerk, “Mourn” (APB remix) Autoclav 1.1, “Black Powder” Bella Morte, “Exorcisms” Black Atmosphere, “Bridge of Change” Bong-Ra, “666mph” (remix by HECQ) c.db.sn, “Aiport” (remix by Sean Byrd) Camouflage, “The Great Commandment” Captive Six, “Shut Down Everything” (Cervello Elettronico remix) Cleen, “Freezeout” Cocksure, “Silikon Suckaz” Comaduster, “Winter Eyes” (iVardensphere remix) Covenant, “For Our Time” Cygnets, “Sleepwalkers” Daichi No Musuko, “Atatori Musuko” De/Vision, “The Far Side of the Moon” Diverje, “All the Fakes” Double Eyelid, “Dead is Better” The Dreaming, “Alone” (Sinister mix) Dreissk, “Way Out” Ekam Sat, “Without You” Electro Spectres, “Your Love…” ESA, “No-One Will Ever Touch You” Ginormous, “Slugs” Hanzel und Gretyl, “Black Forest Metal” Headdreamer, “Look in the Mirror” K-Bereit, “A Forest” Keef Baker, “Soldeed” KMFDM, “Shake the Cage” Laboratory 5, “Existence” Manufactura, “I’ll Be The End of You” Method Cell, “Terminal Velocity” The Millipede, “For Now” Mlada Fronta, “Spot” Monstrum Sepsis, “Mangka” Mr Kitty, “Shadow Dancer” NKKL, “Unfunk” Noir, “My Dear” (A-23 remix) The Outside Agency, “Godspeed” (HECQ remix) Pandora’s Black Book, “Whiteout” Peter Schilling, “Terra Titanic” Pheromone, “Blackout” Prude, “Darkroom” Psykkle, “Switchboard of the Souls” Qntal, “Entre moi et mon amin” [Rein]Forced, “Butterfly Wings” R.roo, “From You” Rome, “We Who Fell in Love with the Sea” Sequential Access, “Contagious” Shiv-R, “Pharmaceutical Grade” (Skyla Vertex remix) Skinny Puppy, “Tsudanama” Substaat, “Restart” Syrian, “Fire In Your Eyes” Tapage, “Six of Eight” The_Empath, “Trackology” Velvet Acid Christ, “Eye H8 U” Voltaire, “Oh Lord (Wake the Dead)” Wumpscut, “Is It You”