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July 15th - 31st: NEW Everything Goes Cold, EyeScream, Front Line Assembly, Psyclon Nine, Wumpscut, Cocksure, Borghesia, Autoclav 1.1, Alter Der Ruine, Black Lung, E-Craft, Panic Lift, Slave Unit, Vaniish, Mr. Kitty and much more!!!

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Cypher got his start as a club DJ in Washington, DC in 1995 where he was resident DJ for BOUND DC, as well as for The Dark Wave Lounge. In 1999, he moved to Hartford and, together with Damzelfly, hosted and spun at BOUND Hartford. At this time, he also began as resident DJ for Contempt NYC, which has grown into New York's largest monthly gothic/industrial dance party, and launched his radio program Dark Nation Radio, which now airs on 91.5 WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI. Cypher's guest spots include four appearances at Philadelphia's famous Dracula's Ball, Ghoulschool in Hollywood, Zenwarp in NYC, The Venus Room in Ft. Lauderdale, The Dawning in Charlottesville, VA, and Machine in Boston. Concert tours he has booked include Front Line Assembly,Haujobb, Velvet Acid Christ, Seraphim Shock, Judith, Gitane Demone, Bella Morte, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and the Blackout A.D. tour featuring Faith & the Muse. E-mail cypher at

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DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Online http://www.live365.com/stations/cypheractive Playlist July 15th-31st, 2014 5f_55, “4170 794f 46” Alter Der Ruine, “Tundra Arts of Erebus, “Point of No Return” Asche, “Neither … Nor” Atomzero, “Build Decay” Autoclav 1.1, “In All Guises” The Beauty of Gemina, “Seven-Day Wonder” Beauty Queen Autopsy, “Pure Morning” The Bellwether Syndicate, “101 Go” Black Lung, “The Business of Selling” Borghesia, “Para Todos Todo” Cocksure, “Silikon Suckaz” Collide, “Head Spin” Comaduster, “The Send Off” Concept7, “Seven States of Panic” Detritus, “Sense” Dissonance, “Anxiety” E-Craft, “Gone v.1.0” ESA, “Your Anger is a Gift” ESC, “8000 Square Feet” Everything Goes Cold, “Crawl of the Nameless Beast” EyeScream, “Clockwork Elephant” Front Line Assembly, “Prototype” (HECQ remix) Helium Vola, “Mahnung” The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Happy When It Rains” Juno Reactor, “Zwara” Kora, “Balkansky / Loop Stepwalker” Kult of Red Pyramid, “Epic” Laboratory 5, “Awake in the Dark” Lights of Euphoria, “A Thousand Nights” Millipede, “30” Mobthrow, “Nu Nepal” Modulate, “Hard and Dirty” (A.D.A.M. Lab4 remix) Monolith, “50360329” Mr. Kitty, “Labyrinth” Neuro-Sentence, “Archetypes & Avatars” New Model Army, “Family” Noisuf-X, “White Noise” (Gift mix) Obsidian FX, “Arsenic” (Studio-x remix) Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, “Which Word Confines the Truth” Panic Lift, “Awake” (Alter der Ruine remix) Psyclon Nine, “Use Once and Destroy” (Dismantled remix) Psykkle, “2501” Rector Scanner, “Your Body” Ruby My Dear, “Hawa” (HECQ remix) Salvation AMP, “Salvation” Sanguis et Cinis, “Secret and Sin” Slave Unit, “I Don’t Care Anymore” Sonar, “Closing In” Sonik Foundry, “Into the Storm” State of the Union, “RadioMan” (Floor Pounding mix) Sunshine Blind, “Hanging Lake” Tapage, “One of Eight” Vaniish, “Search and Replace” Vast, “Pretty When You Cry” Worms of the Earth, “The Serpents…” (Embodi remix) Wumpscut, “Cross of Iron” (Deetloss remix) Zeromancer, “Send Me An Angel”