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DJ: DJ Blitz
Location: Tulsa, OK

What it do fam, I'm DJ Blitz. I am originally from the eastside of Watts, CA and spent my teenage years on the eastside of Compton, CA. I currently reside on the northside of Tulsa, OK I'm an 80's baby that grew up a lover of good hip-hop music from all regions. Take a trip with me. Hit me up on or Much love to everyone that have shown love and support from all corners of the globe, I do this for you. Please share this link with your friends
Favorite Artists

He good in ANY hood! Ask around. The MC most haters wish they could be. Not known for record sells yet respected worldwide.

Dr. Dre
West Coast Legend

DJ Premier
East Coast Legend

Ice Cube
West Coast Legend

DJ Screw
The homie I never knew. Chopped and screwed music is a movement.