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oldies music online from Daddy-O-Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: daddy-o
Location: Philadelphia, PA

It’s been said that your musical tastes start to develop in your pre-teens and continue right through you mid to late twenties. For most of us baby boomers, that means the music we grew up liking easily spans more than one decade. I suppose that’s why I find the specialty channels that feature just one decade of music so boring. Daddy-O-Radio is an attempt to give us baby boomers some variety by playing hits from the early 1950’s right through the late 1970’s. The core play list will feature top ten hits from each of those years as well as expanding into the top 100 from most of those years. Our play list is already over 3000 songs and we hope to get that list closer to 3200 songs in the coming months. One of the unique features of Daddy-O-Radio will be that hits that made the Rock and Roll lists will be played right along side of the R&B lists. If you, like me, grew up in or near a larger city (for me – Philadelphia) the hits of the day included both Rock and R&B and both genres made up my musical tastes. Check out our website for a complete library of songs being played. As a radio engineer, I work closely with many top DJ’s in the business. I also have the capacity to make things sound good too. Using some unusual techniques, I send a processed internet encoded stream to Live365 without ever passing the audio through a sound card in the transmitting computer. So, what you hear is as true to the original cut as if you were playing the song directly on your PC. The main Daddy-O-Radio server uses all solid state drives for operation. This insures as 'green' a computer as possible and super reliable operation. I’ll try to run Daddy-O-Radio as professional as I know how and give you some of the best internet sound available. Feel free to join the Daddy-O-Radio fan page on Facebook to see news about the station. So, sit back and listen for a while. I think, like Mikey, you’ll like it!