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rockabilly music online from Daddyos Delux on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: MacDaddy Deak
Location: San Diego, CA

Daddy-O's Delux: The Shred Shed, provides the soundtrack for a retro hot rod, honky tonk, rockabilly, blues, big burger dive bar in San Diego, California called Daddy-O's. I learned to play lead guitar in the 70's and 80's so my guitar heroes were many of the early hard rock and metal players like Robin Trower, Eddie Van Halen, Michael Schenker/UFO, Joe Perry/Aerosmith, Ratt, Sabbath, Iron Maiden etc. But my heart has always had a place for the blues. My first 8 track was Johnny Winter, Captured live. After I heard that, I was on fire to become a garage band shredder. I still try and shred as much as I can and am having a blast putting this together every day. The restaurant, Daddy-O's has given me a venue to express my love for the roots of rock and roll to the new outlaw country artists of today. I know there is many quality bands that are not represented. If you would like to have input, advertise or comment please e mail me at Visit and if you in San Diego come in for a big butter grilled or charbroiled burger!