DJ Profile
70s music online from The Glam Rock Junkshop on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dandygregory
Location: Ballrooms of Mars

Keeping electric warriors plugged into cosmic boogie and junkshop jive.
Favorite Artists

T. Rex
Marc saved rock and roll in the Seventies.

After T.Rex the best singles band of the Seventies.

Suzi Quatro
Only female to beat most the boys at their own game.

Cockney Rebel
Steve made the 2nd most singular sounding records.

Mott the Hoople
All the young dudes love 'em.

Favorite Albums

T. Rex - Electic Warrior
Beneath the be-bop moon... forever

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Life changing, heck, planet changing

Mick Ronson - Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Behind every great man (Bowie) is a greater man.

David Warner - Whizz Kid
Title tells it all.

Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro
Primitive love!

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