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oldies music online from 60's Countdown Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Danny D
Location: Taiwan

Welcome to 60’s Countdown Radio--the station that specializes in countdowns of the hits from America’s weekly top 100 pop charts of the 60's. I invite you to join me, my dog Pepe, and other listeners as we walk through different countdowns each day of the week. You'll hear both the forgotten gems and regional smash hits as well as the great oldies of the day. They are nationally ranked in popularity for the decade so playlists usually include both. If you just want to hear the forgotten hits, tune in at a show's beginning. Tune in later if you're interested in hearing just the million sellers. The countdowns are derived from song rankings in the book, Ranking the '60s. You can view pages from Ranking the '60s at 60's Countdown Radio wants to thank its listeners for their support and for their interest in the eBook, Ranking the '60s. About me? I grew up in southern California listening to KFWB and then KHJ with some KRLA thrown in. I'm living in Taiwan these days.
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