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WABC Radio Broadcasts from the 1960s

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Black-Duck Radio

Black-Duck Radio offers an eclectic mix of sounds from the 30's through today. And it is segmented into batches. Let's face it; there are times when Rock 'n' Roll is the only thing that makes us feel good. There are also times when all you want to do is sit down with a glass of Scotch and listen to some Jazz. Let's not forget drama. Nothing helps you sleep better than listening to a murder mystery in bed with the lights out. And it's also fun to relive impressive times in history like World War II and the Vietnam War. We can thank the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) and the Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) for preserving that bit of history.

So What's On?

Radio Drama

In the wee hours Monday through Friday listed to some of the best drama, comedy and science fiction ever broadcast on the air waves. There are crime shows like Dragnet, Calling all Cars, and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. There's mystery shows in the form of Suspense and the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Comedy is presented with two long running comedy shows: Amos and Andy as well as Fibber McGee and Molly. Adult westerns are also available thanks to Tales of the Texas Rangers and Have Gun, Will Travel. Science fiction rounds out the programming with X Minus One and selected BBC S.F. broadcasts. We are currently running Isaac Asimov 8-part Foundation Trilogy.

Big Band Broadcasts

During World War II the Armed Forces Radio Network produced a Swing Music request show for the G.I.s overseas. It was called G. I. Jive. All the Big Bands of the era are presented here. Add to that the Big Band Remotes broadcast from some of the leading night clubs and restaurants of the 1930s and 40s and you have a full plate of some of the best Swing music ever heard.

The Cave

Decades of Rock 'n' Roll features just that --- decades of Rock 'n' Roll. Hear Chuck Berry, The Angles, Dick Dale, The Outsiders, Bob Dylan, Lulu, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Richie Valens, Jimmy Reed, The Ventures, Sandy Nelson, Tommy Roe and dozens more. They are all here and their music is rotated often.

Singles From the Sixties

If you have a closet full of 45s from the Sixties you know what to expect. Much of it is good. And much of it is the worst music ever to hit the air waves. Remember Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen? How about the Martian Hop by the Ran-Dells? Or how about the early Beatles' rendition of When the Saints Come Marching In, and sounding a lot like Elvis Presley. Yup they're here.


This is good listening. Hear the Dave Brubeck, Henry Mancini, Stan Getz, Thelonious Monk and others. Listen to the voices of Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Holly Cole, Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore and others. Every hear Marianne Faithful belt out As Tears Go By at the age of 60? It's hard to believe this is the same person who launched that song in 1965. And yet it goes well with Scotch.


Friday night and Saturday night belong to Vietnam. Chris Noel does her broadcast from Saigon and features many of the song we might have forgotten. Bruce Wahl does his broadcast from the studios in Pleiku. Again, these are sounds from the 60s. Gary W. Gears does a radio documentary about the year 1968 --- and what a year it was. There are other treats as well.

So, when you've got a chance, give us a listen. It's KCUD --- Black-Duck Radio!