DJ Profile
80s music online from DarkSynth on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: darksynth
Location: Concord (SF Bay Area), CA

"well, I live with snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night. To me everyday is like Halloween i've given up hiding and started to fight..."
Favorite Artists

I love this band. They have some great songs that you might remember when you hear them

Bazooka Joe
I still have never seen their music onsale anywhere. I got this CD straight from London.

Cabaret Voltaire
One of the Grandfathers of the techno scene

Clan of Xymox
Later to become just Xymox their multi-layered synth riffs will have you swayin'

Even though Al Jourgensen hates his old music, he had Synthpop down to an artform.

Favorite Albums

Secession - A Dark Enchantment
A must have, and you can get it now at the new non-imported price.

Ministry - With Sympathy
Every track was darker and catchier than the best Depeche Mode.

Clan of Xymox - Clan of Xymox
The Stranger itself is worth the price of the album.

Moev - Best of
A Canadian band, I think, that I had a chance to see live. Who else has seen Moev live?

Naked Eyes - Best of
You know the songs, but just can't think of the band that performed them...

Favorite Broadcasters

The Gnat
My alternative station. It is eclectic, try it you may like some of it if you listen long enough...

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