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Coming in September.... Britpop, Then and Now.

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Coming in September 2015, Britpop, Then and Now. Why the change? Due to financial costs my other station, Best of British Radio is shutting down. To be honest the amount of work running The Britpop and Indie Haven had got quite ridiculous, the enjoyment was definitely going. The station was also losing popularity, Having lost 1000 listening hours a month recently. I have decided to drop all indie music and concentrate on the Britpop music scene of the 90's and then put in loads of great UK acts from the 50's to current day, similar to what was played on the best of British Radio. I appreciate that some listeners will be put off by the new station and that is fine, I am prepared to lose listeners to make my enjoyment of running my own radio station back to what it was. This is after all my hobby and not a professional thing. I hope you understand what I am doing and I am sure there will be another station that will fulfil your indie music needs, If you love Britpop and UK music then give us a try. Regards, Darr.