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new age music online from FireCloud Productions on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dean drennan
Location: Vancouver, WA

In 1998 I fell prey to a hostile corporate takeover, and was without work for almost a year; during this time I set up a modest studio in my house and began recording. What happens in the studio is even beyond me to try and figure out. The songs just keep coming. I released the first 2 CDs within the remainder of that year, immediately followed by 3 more the next year. Now with a total of 12 CD projects to date I am continuing stronger than ever. I have established numerous sites, and my own
Favorite Artists

Tangerine Dream
Probably the foremost and first "Electronic" band.

Steve Roach
His inspirational mixure of the "ancient" tribal music forms with the new modern synthesis. Very influencial to me.

Jeff Johnson
One of my inspirations.

One of my all time favorite bands.

Rolling Stones
My initial favorite band.

Favorite Albums

Exiles on main Street - Rolling Stones
One of my all time favorite "Rock" albums.

Who's Next - The Who
Another "Rock" classic.

Yessongs - Yes
Has special personal meaning to me.

Dreamtime Return - Steve Roach
For my more contemplative side.

Jeff Johnson - Through the Door
One of my favorite conceptual albums.

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