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rock music online from South City Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: James Heredia
Location: St. Louis, MO

AIM: 314-295-1249
Hi, Welcome to South City Radio. This is our first step in building a new foundation for new music outlets for the serious music lover. We play music that has shaped generations as well as new music that is played from the artists soul instead of produced to sell. We also have a great talk show that gives peolpe an outlet to express there thoughts with out using the title Democrat or Republican. Here we belive in talking about the only one true party. It is entitled WE THE AMERICANS PARTY (that means all of us). It is time for a change for the good and we hope you tune in and help support the cause as well as listen to the GREATEST MUSIC OF ALL TIME!
Favorite Artists

These guys have so many different styles to there songs that you never get board.

Pink Floyd
Goes without saying

Stevie Ray Vahn
One of the greatest blues guitar players ever.

Eric Clapton
Has his own sound of guitar and music style.

Peter Frampton
He is a master of communication with his guitar.