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80s music online from 80's rock only on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: deo89
Location: Des Moines, IA

I'm an avid music lover. I prefer classic rock, but have almost every genre in my personal library. This is a low-speed connection friendly site. Thanks for listening to my station.
Favorite Artists

The first band I really got into. Their Escape album made me a music lover. Schon is an out-of-this-world guitarist

Night Ranger
I really love their sound and Blades songwriting. I've played the 7 Wishes CD more than any other.

Pink Floyd
I never get tired of listening to their songs.

I ignored Metallica until the video for One came out. I was hooked after that as I was tiring of bubble gum pop dominating radio play.

Good hooks and I like Stanley's voice. Great music to work out to.

Favorite Albums

Night Ranger - 7 Wishes
Night Ranger at their best. I can't say enough about this album.

Journey - Escape
The album that started it all for me.

Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi
I got this for Runaway a few years back and found all the songs to be top notch.

Van Halen - OU812
When I'm struggling to find what mood of music to listen to, I always put on this.

Enigma - Cross of Changes
Very creative... turn the lights down, and turn the music up.

Favorite Broadcasters

We have similar tastes. He has those hard to find songs I miss.

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