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indian music online from AsianVibrations (high) on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: desig007
Location: New York City, NY

AIM: desig007
We are here for people to gain an understanding of what south asian music is all about. Its not just bollywood or bhangra. There is SOOOO Much more. The Asian Underground/Massive title has been given by the media buffs to anything and everything that has a south asian influence in it. However, whats misleading is that Asian Underground seems to be one genre. While there are actually so many sub-genres, like: drum&base, jungle, hip-hop, trip-hop, techno etc. All with a south asian influence. We are trying to educate the masses of this fact and move away from the stereotypical Asian Underground genre.

Favorite Artists

State of Bengal
Man knows what musical genious is all about.

Talvin Singh
First south asian artist to get known in the world.

TJ Rehmi
Punjabi man taking north indian music to a new level. Just amazing.

Nitin Sawhney
umm, originality at its best.

Karsh Kale
The prince of US.

Favorite Albums

Various Artists - New Breed UK
It hasn't left my cd player ever since I bought it. Must hear it atleast once a day.

Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin
There isn't a way to discribe this album, he knows what *east meets west* truly means.

Shri - East Rain
Newest classic

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