DJ Profile
love/romance music online from Mood for Tantra Lovers on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dan
Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Favorite Artists

Newell Oler
He's a master in his kind. You can feel his passion for music. He's a master.

You will fall in love...

Favorite Albums

Newell Oler - All the Day Long
You could actually feel the Love.

Newell Oler - Anodynes
Ano-dyne (an' o din'e-) adj: relieving or lessening of pain, soothing n: anything that relieves pain or soothes.

Newell Oler - Piano Demitasse
In such surroundings there are, many times, beautiful paintings and other collectables to look at and admire.

Namada - Love is...
Love Is...Soft, elegant piano melodies and warm orchestrations that touch the heart and soothe the spirit. This album evokes feelings of love, intimacy and relaxation.

Favorite Broadcasters

Only Piano Radio
Great piano music.

Mood for Tantra Lovers
Hey! Isn't the best station?

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