DJ Profile
alternative folk music online from Kraft durch Freude! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dismalorb
Location: Stumptown, OR

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Favorite Artists

Rozz Williams
His talents and artistic abilities were truly amazing.

Blood Axis
Michael Moynihan and Annabelle Lee not only extremely talented musicians but also scholars and authors as well.

Der Blutharsch
Not only is Albin Julius HOT as hell, but also a very talented musician and alcohol connoisseur. ;)

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud
Listening to their music is better than reading any European history book!

Foresta Di Ferro
Marco DePlano is not only a HOT straight bear, but also truly an amazing musician!

Favorite Broadcasters

Radio Inferno - Check it out, it's another great station that plays alot of Neo-folk!

Radio Frei Europa - Check it out, this is another great station that plays alot of Neo-folk!

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