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funk music online from Funky Jazz/Soul 101 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJ_CuCkOo (the first)
Location: Funky Town, United Kingdom

I love all music and love to collect so I thought that I should start up a station for people who love Funk,Soul,Jazz funk and disco/fusion. All I ever seem to do is play this kind of music so why not play it on a radio station? I hope you like what I play, I will change the listings all the time but if you have any requests please email me..... Thanks for reading/listening......
Favorite Artists

His large number of album sales can't be wrong. Albums Prelude, Deodato 2, Live at felt Forum, First Cuckoo, Whirlwinds, Very together, Skyscrapers, Love Island, Night Cruiser and his many others are all excellent in their own ways, one for every mood I recommend them all. And I of course recommend him.

Booker T & The MG's
Everyone likes Booker T & The MG's even if they're not a die hard fan of R&B they have that groove that just crosses over for everyone to appreciate...

Stevie Wonder
A true genius of music, non-stop talent even now. People who consider Will Young as a true talent need their head examining. He also plays all the instruments on most of his songs. I'm tired just thinking about it. I'm just gonna get down and boogie... He De Man.

Isaac Hayes
This guy is smooth maaaaan!!! Most ignorant people may say that he's the guy that sung the shaft theme tune, which is a bit like saying that Pink Floyd only ever wrote ANOTHER BRICK THE WALL. Check out your soul albums and see how many songs Isaac Hayes actually contributed to, not to mention at least half a dozen excellent and different Solo albums that truly shows the guys talent. Check him out ya'll...

George Benson (Early Days)
A seriously unique sound from this CTI Guy. Classic albums such as Bad Benson still sounds great to me. I like all CTI with a passion, but George Benson is a particular favourite. Great challenging and obscure songs before he went all soft in the 80's onwards.

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