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DJ: david b l johnstone
Location: Sydney, Australia

Hi. My name is David B L Johnstone.

I was born a little before Elvis Presley became a household name and have been a huge Elvis fan since the early 1960's. I believe that Elvis Aaron Presley was the most influential and charismatic performer to ever take a stage. This radio station showcases the talent of Elvis fans who pay tribute to Elvis by recording his songs and performing them live - to bring his music to generations who were not ever able to see Elvis performs live, or, to that shrinking group of people who did see Elvis perform live and appreciate the wonderful job that these people do - sometimes these people are called Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs).

Elvis247 Radio only plays tracks recorded by the world's best entertainers from the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Canada, South America and, if we can find some, from any country on the planet.

If you are an entertainer who has recorded an Elvis song, please email some sample MP3 files of your recordings to

Please send 128kbps, stereo, 44100Hz MP3 files only.

Elvis247 Radio - where the best entertainers on the planet sing the songs that Elvis sang.

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Elvis Presley
If you are an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary. If you are not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible.

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