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Smooth groove of Christian R&B and Hip Hop. Less talking, more music. Work-friendly playlist. Follow us on Twitter: @newviberadio

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This station was formed out of a personal disappointment with the current state of Rhythm & Blues (R&B) and hip hop music played on secular radio stations. R&B is a favorite of mine. I love the stories, the melodies and the production of a good R&B song. However, I find myself convicted when listening to certain songs on the radio. The beat draws me in, and I find myself singing along to lyrics that do not honor my beliefs or Christ. Yet, I really do love the arrangement. Thankfully, there are SO many artists out there that have pure, positive, songs in the R&B format that honor Christ. I want to share those songs with the world to give hope that we are not a dying generation that only promotes a materialistic, superficial ideology. There are MANY of us who want to enjoy good R&B music and I hope to share my favorites with you. Contrary to popular belief, Hip Hop ISN’T Dead! “Hip Hop” is a musical depiction of everyday life, usually expressed while an artist raps lyrics. In the last decade there has been a movement of Christian artists spreading the Word of God through rap music. The delivery of their testimonies has resonated with other hip-hop fans and thus Christian hip hop has become a movement and essentially its own genre. We want to share this alternative to secular hip-hop with the world to let them know there IS Hip Hop music that glorifies Christ that actually sounds good!